Joker Game Episode 6

This episode will probably be my favourite episode out of the whole show. (Spoilers)

So this episode focuses on Tazaki, our spy of the episode. This guy was fun to watch on-screen. Maybe it was because he’s so cool in the way he gets the job done in this episode. I loved the way he figured out who the “bad guy” was in this episode. I loved the way he used the kids to find out who the bad guy was for him. It was surprising for me but it done brilliantly. What I liked about this episode was the fact that Tazaki did everything on this own, sure you can argue that the kids helped but they just delivered the message to the guy.


It was great to see a spy who not only kept calm when things got tense but he managed to use his quick thinking to outsmart out bad guy of the episode. This episode was better that the last episode, I don’t think I said this in that review but I wasn’t a fan of how “Robinson had a sleeper agent waiting to help him out. It just felt too convenient for me. I wish that Tazaki was a main spy so we can see him more but these episodes only focus on one spy.


What made this episode work was Tazaki calm and collected thoughts and his movements, it was like the guy wasn’t even trying. It’s what I imagine a spy to be. The kids also made this episode work, their curiosity was cute and the oldest kids knowledge of the train was what got Tazaki’s mind turning.


The jazz music really set the scene especially at the end when Tazaki shows the kids the carrier pigeon. Loved the jazz it was so great. It’s so calm and smooth just like Tazaki, it worked for him and perfectly expressed how I felt in this episode. Relaxed.