Kiznaiver Episode 5

Chidori took center stage in this episode and I liked it. (Spoilers)

When I first started reviewing Kiznaiver I was very curious about the Kizuna System. I was wondering whether the show would go down this route and it did. The Kiznaivers don’t only share physical pain but emotional and mental pain as well. It’s a very interesting concept and I’m glad the show decided to go down this route, it made this episode interesting.

This reveal has made me think about what kind of other emotions the gang will be feeling. Guilt is definitely going to be one of them especially from Maki’s point of view. Her past will be an interesting one as in this episode we see she’s clearly discarded her self-worth.


Chidori was the reason this revelation came to light, she saw Kacchon and Sonazaki together and assumed the worst. From the very first episode we’ve seen Kacchon constantly ignoring Chidori, now that Sonazaki has come in to the picture, he has started to pay attention to her which isn’t an issue at all as he only wants her to have someone to connect to. The problem is he doesn’t realise is that this hurts Chidori.


It’s was great to see that at the end of the episode, he realises that he’s been hurting her and apologized. It’s pretty clear he doesn’t know about Chidori’s feelings but he does realise she’s been hurting. Tenga is the guy to thank in this episode. If it wasn’t for him, Kacchon wouldn’t have noticed Chidori hurting, well he would have but he wouldn’t have understood it properly without Tenga.

That was Tenga’s only good point in this episode. I didn’t like how he was constantly praising Chidori, it came of as desperate. It’s obvious that Tenga like Chidori anyone can see that, but did he have to praise her so much?


Tenga’s constantly praising Chidori has clearly effected Nico, this is evident in the bath scene where she cheers over the fact that she’s beaten Chidori in terms of bust size. There was also the moment where she attacked the guy who was going for Tenga, it looks like someone has received a visit from the green-eyed monster.


The best moment in this episode was when Chidori screamed at the one of the bullies whose been taking Kacchon’s money. Yuka Terasaki gave an amazing performance as Chidori, you really felt that pain and anger in Chidori’s voice when she poured her out to that bully. The music was great as well, it expressed Chidori’s feelings well.


Great episode for Chidori, I like her the most now.

So, the ending of this episode made me realise that the Chidori and Kacchon’s problems will end for now. Kacchon will definitely have to face Chidori feeling’s soon. I’m thinking next episode will focus on Maki.