A Lull in the Sea Episode 6

A great episode that centered on Manaka and Chisaki. (Spoilers)

You know, I was wondering whether Manaka and Chisaki would run into some problems. I’m glad that their problems were settled here in this episode. The swimming scene is what started the rift between Manaka and Chisaki. Hikari suffers from a leg cramp because he refused to stretch him limbs before he entered the pool. Manaka jumps in to help him while Chisaki stands there.


This bothers Chisaki a lot and it’s part of the reason she’s mad at Manaka. The other reason is that she’s made at herself she wants to be like Manaka as she has Hikari’s affections. My issue in this episode wasn’t with Chisaki but with Manaka. You see, Manaka has been constantly thinking about Chisaki having a crush on Manaka.


She continues to push Chisaki to talk to Hikari but it clear as day that Chisaki doesn’t want to do that. It was really annoying watching Manaka try to get Chisaki to talk to Hikari. What I gathered from watching Manaka do this was that now that she knows about Chisaki feelings, she has to get them together.


We learn from Chisaki in this episode that she doesn’t want things to change. She wants to stay the same and she wants the 4 of them to be together forever. But change is a good thing sometimes, without changing we can’t adapt and grow while learning new things. It’s clear in this episode that Chisaki’s way of thinking will change. Things are going to change and she will have to adapt to it or suffer a lot of pain.


I did think that Chisaki came off a rude when she ignored Manaka talking to her after the swimming scene. Making excuses to leave was dumb on her part. You can’t escape from everything by making silly excuses. Chisaki can’t run away forever.

I really hope that Hikari talks to Manaka instead of sulking all the time, he shouldn’t be comparing himself to Tsumugu. And he shouldn’t be mad that Manaka is changing, she wants to become a better person than she is now. Her crying is annoying to me but she’s a good character still. 


The conversation between Tsumugu and Manaka was lovely. He really helped figure out her issue with Chisaki while also giving her the confidence she needs to finish her sentences. I don’t think that Tsumugu has feelings for Manaka but he does respect her and would like to see more of her confident side.


Anyone know when Kaname will talk more? Haha. I would to hear his thoughts more.