Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 5

I like Sister Nana’s and Winterprison’s relationship, it’s adorable but it might not last for long. (Spoilers)

There was a lot of focus on Sister Nana and Winterprison in this episode. The two of them are trying to gather up allies to who detest the violence that’s going on. I think the two girls should be wary of trying to find help in this fight as most of the girls seem kind of crazy. Anyone can be an enemy but they should be careful of who they go to for help.


Cranberry might be an interesting character, she only looks for strong opponents to fight so she might be troublesome for La Pucelle. It was smart of her to send Snow White away, as she’s useless and would just get in the way.


When it comes to Sister and Winterprison, I think they should be smarter as people might find out their in a relationship which could get them killed. Most of these girls are in it for themselves. Winterprison’s character is cool and all but I hope she can keep Sister Nana in line. Sister Nana is clearly naive in thinking that she can gain allies through speeches. She might get a wake up call at some point as this is a killing game and no one is safe, not even Snow White.


I’m hope the battle between La Pucelle and Cranberry is a good one, I want to see La Pucelle pushed to her limit.