Plastic Memories Episode 5

Looks like this little arc isn’t finished yet which is fine with me. (Spoilers)

So Marcia has been taken by the Black Market Retrievers so terminal one set out to find her. The first half was pretty dull, Tsukasa and the gang go from place to place looking for Marcia. There wasn’t anything interesting going on. The second half is where things get tense as Tsukasa and Isla find Marcia but discover that she’s already become a wanderer.


She ends up kidnapping Souta who by the way someone followed Tsukasa and the rest of terminal one. Honestly that part didn’t make sense as one he was told to stay at his house. And two there was absoulutely no way that Souta could have the terminal one group so quickly, he would have to have taken some buses or something but it was needed for the plot.

At first I thought Tsukasa was acting reckless in this episode because of Marcia. But as I watched on it was clear to me that Tsukasa himself has become attached to Marcia and Souta. Michiru’s story about her father has clearly affected Tsukasa in a way that he declares that he will do whatever it takes to help Marcia and Souta. He doesn’t want what happened to Michiru’s dad to happen to Marcia as well.


Isla gets injured as Marcia snaps and takes Souta to a rooftop. Tsukasa clearly believes there’s no choice to taser Marcia as she snaps again and starts to strangle Souta. Tsukasa tried to take a different approach by calmly talking but she was already to far gone, it did look like she was going to regain her personality again for a second but her time limit is obviously up.


The episode ends with Tsukasa shooting Marcia. We don’t get to see what happens after so that tells me this story isn’t over which makes me feel relived. The first couple of episodes were boring me with unfunny and dragged out it was. It felt like the episodes were trying to put makes me comfortable by adding the humor that was only funny after the gag was played once.

It was sad to see Tsukasa so unhappy and scared, this episode expressed how upset Tsukasa was at the situation through the use of the music and his facial expressions. His flashbacks to Marcia when they were baking the cake got to me a little bit.  The pain and the tears in Tsukasa’s eyes as he takes the shot was heartbreaking. I also have to give props to Tsukasa’s voice actor, Yasuaki,Takumi for making his character come to life. I love it when anime expresses the characters emotions without the use of dialogue. It makes moments like this more meaningful.


The episodes seem to be getting darker which means the characters will be put in situations there not comfortable in. I hope next episode will be a satisfying conclusion to the Marcia and Souta story. Whether it ends in a dark or light way, I’ll still enjoy it no matter what.