The creator of Fairy Tail posted an interesting picture on his twitter.

Hiro Mashima posted a surprising picture on twitter. It’s a sketch of Natsu and Lucy with the dragon slayer trapping Lucy against a wall while also holding a chain that’s attached to a choker.

Lucy and Natsu 1.PNG

If you didn’t know this already there are a lot of Nalu shippers. And a lot of them were disappointed in Fairy Tail’s ending as Natsu and Lucy didn’t get together. I wonder if this satisfies them? I mean this is the creator of Fairy Tail posting this picture so it must mean something right?

I was fine with Fairy Tail ending as it stuck to its theme: Friendship. Even the last couple of arcs were extremely disappointing, I was fine with the ending. At least it didn’t end with a flash forward to the future where the characters have kids and all is well with their universe.

The idea of the team going on a quest that no-one has completed for 100 years is interesting. I wish we could have seen it.

You can check Hiro Mashima’s twitter here. It’s in Japanese by the way.

Hiro Mashima has also posted another picture of Fairy Tail Characters, Ichiya and Makarov. It’s pretty funny XD.

Makarov and Ichiya.PNG

There’s also a new sketch of Lucy and Natsu. It’s beautiful looking. 🙂

Lucy and Natsu 2.PNG



  1. Wait for it…..MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNN. Yeah the last arc is disappointing. Also agree, the manga ended with the theme of friendship. Which is nice.

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  2. I definetly think that was the best way to end it. Can’t wait for the anime to come back though. I’ll to catch up to the anime again even though I’ve read the manga. Ichiya would have been the worst characte for me but then the butt jiggle gang came along. XD God! they were awful.

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