Psycho Pass Episode 5

Awesome episode. It was great to see the Inspector Akane and the Enforcers working together. (Spoilers)

Masatake Mido is the name of our “villain”. This is the guy who killed Spooky Boogie with my gang in the last episode. Akane and the Enforcers now know the name of the criminal and set off to find him. Loved the music in this episode. I was furiously bobbing my head to the techno music, I felt like I was in a club! XD

 PP 19.PNG

When Akane, Masoaka and Kogami enter Masatake’s room to arrest him, the guy refuses to go down without a fight. He distorts the whole area around the Enforcers to make his escape. What makes this scene exciting is the choice of music the studio decided to use in this scene. The techno music sets the scene in this episode, it makes things tense as Masatake makes his escape. The colours used in this scene was beautiful, the purple, pinks and blues made the objects stand out, the objects moving back and forth made me dizzy I had to look away for a moment. XD


Thanks to Masoaka’s alcohol, that he brought along with him, Kogami is able to shoot Masatake which results in the guy losing him arm. At first I was wondering how Masatake was able to even move with his arm blown off but as he escapes, Masoaka mentions that he’s using a pain inhibiting drug.



This shows how Masatake prepared to make his escape, I’m pretty sure other people wouldn’t have thought of that. Masatake has always been at the top of his game. Unfortunately he didn’t prepare for the group we saw last week turning on him by using the Avatars of Spooky Boogie and others.

Honestly I wasn’t surprised by this betrayal what I was surprised by was the sudden change in environment. Once again the room distorts as Spooky Boogie and the other Avatars taunt him as the room spins and distorts. Masatake is the only one who can see the Avatars who I believe are now in his head. That scene really made my head spin. XD


Ginzo and the rest of the Enforcers use this as their chance to put down Masatake. It was pretty horrifying the see, Masatake’s body blown up in such a disgusting way. Good thing I wasn’t eating anything while I watched this, although the scene still made me stick.

Ginzo and Akane have a conversation on the roof before this episode comes to an end. Ginzo talks about how Akane should keep her distance from the Enforcers since she is an Inspector. What lead to him saying this was Akane talking about how Kogami encourages her today and also was the one who found out who the Avatar culprit was.


Once he says this, he also reveals that he lost a partner who was an Inspector to the Enforcers. That partner was Kogami. You know, It was nice to see a slightly different side to Ginzo. It shows that he cares about Akane a little bit to the point where he shares with her some personal information. I have to say, the piano and the violin playing in this scene sets the scene perfectly. As soon as Ginzo reveals that he had lost a partner in this job you hear the violins come to foreground while the piano softly plays in the background. It was beautiful to hear.

Great episode overall, Akane had her head on straight in this episode, the teamwork between both teams was brilliant but that’s expected as they need to be able to function as a team to be able to work together in this line of work. It feels like Akane is a part of the group due to her actions in this episode. It was great end to this two parter, can’t wait for next episode. 🙂