Psycho Pass Episode 6

This episode was pretty messed up. (Spoilers)

Akane wants to find out more about Kogami’s case in this episode. She asks her co-workers what happened to Kogami, we find some important information such as the culprit had never been found, they were some suspicions but no evidence to back it up. Kogami’s friend who was an Enforcer was called Sasayama who died while trying to figure out the plastination case. Plastination, a technique that is used for preserving tissue has been used to dismember bodies in grotesque ways. People on the street saw it as a work of art.


This case relates directly to an issue at an all girl’s school. Rikako Oryo is the school idol but she clearly hides a dark secret. She paints weird paintings in her art class. They look grotesque, they look exactly like the bodies in that case. It turns out that Rikako is using girls and turning them into sculptures.


She’s clearly inspired by one of Shakespeare’s works. Titus Andronicus is the name of Shakespeare’s works that Rikako refers to. Rikako’s favourite character in it is Titus’s daughter Lavinia, thanks to her father, life was troublesome for her. She was raped, had her tongue cut out and then her arms were cut off as well. It’s a dark moment in this episode. It was clear to me that this girl’s mind was warped. The music is in this scene was very haunting and clearly expressed that Rikako’s dark motives. Beautiful but disturbing.


Later in the episode, we see that the girl was killed and turned into a sculpture in a park. It’s clear what happened to her and it’s so sad. Rikako made the girl rely on her and use her as a crutch to spill her problems at home to her. It ended up getting her killed but the girl was entranced by Rikako, you could see that clearly on her face.


We find out at the end of the episode that Rikako is not alone in having a messed up mind. One the guys from the last episode who killed Masatake is talking to Rikako about Lavinia. Makishima is his name and it’s obvious he and Rikako will be in the next episode as Rikako makes it clear that she has many more drawings to complete.


You know, I think it’s disgusting how calm and collected she is while she sketches the girl she killed. The scene expressed how warped her sense of reality is. She might be a tough person to beat next episode. The conversation between Makishima and Rikako is clearly directed at the girl she killed but they use Lavinia as a cover for that girl.

Rikako’s next victim is definetly going to be one of the two girls who she stopped to talk to in the lunch hall. Her words and expressions made that clear. Akane will probably put a stop to Rikako’s action I hope.

A slightly disturbing episode which I still enjoyed.


  1. yeah, this was one of the darker episodes and i’s also my fave among the stand alone cases. the twisted premise just looks exciting, and the visuals of the sculptures are wonderful. XD

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  2. I hate those scupltures so much. Hopefully Rikako goes down next episode. I can’t wait to see what role Makishima will play next episode. I feel like he might have some ties to Kogami.

    I like that this show is getting darker. I bet Akane will make a mistake at some point, I feel like what Ginzo said to her is a huge red flag for her.

    Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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