Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World Episode 5

So is Subaru going to die every episode now? If he is that’s a lot of suffering he has to go through. (Spoilers as usual) Subaru’s voice actor, Yusuke,Kobayashi is amazing! What a brilliant performance at the end of the episode!

So I noticed Subaru acted as if everything is ok in this episode. At first he cried and freaked over the fact that he restarted again, somehow he died. After a talk with Beatrice, he asks like everything is ok for the rest of the episode. He talks to everyone normally, he redoes the previous episode again. Now this bothered me, at this point in time Subaru should know that something is up, he shouldn’t be trusting anyone in this house especially Roswaal and Ram. He knows someone is out to get him but why?


Rem is pretty suspicious in this episode, she’s constantly staring at Subaru when he isn’t looking. I don’t buy Ram’s comment about Rem staring at Subaru because she wants to fix his hair. Seriously that’s clearly not it, either Rem’s knows something about Subaru like his Return by Death ability or it’s something else.


This episode was pretty dull, having to watch Subaru repeat what he did in the previous episode was boring. You know, instead of asking to be a butler in the house he could have asked to learn some magic, I mean he can do magic right? If not he should train in some other way that way he can really protect his precious Emilia tan.

We get to learn about Rem and in this episode. Rem seems to adore her sister to the point where she put herself down in order to raise her sister up. This scene was a nice one as we get to see Rem smile for the first time.


It’s a cute smile that’s ruined by Subaru’s sudden outbursts. I know that Subaru is clearly scared inside but I wish he didn’t, I would have liked to have seen a change in his facial expression or his hands shaking to show that he’s scared. 

Rem had asked Subaru if he liked demons and he said to her that demons will smile when you talk about future plans with them. So Rem is a demon then? I wonder how she ended up in Roswaal’s mansion?

Subaru end up asking Emilia out on a date again and she says yes. Good for him. Subaru’s happiness doesn’t last for long as he is killed again after the credits! God, the scene was brutal! Subaru wakes up and leaves his room which is the worst thing he could do.

While outside the room,Subaru hears the sound of chains dragging on the floor, the culprit has clearly come to get him. One minute Subaru is fine, the next minute he’s been thrown across the hallway, covered in blood. He’s in pool of his own blood and it’s so sad to see him with tears in his eyes suffering.


If that’s wasn’t enough Subaru looks up to see his arm hanging on the chandelier, I mean what the hell? I wasn’t prepared for such a thing! The poor guy freaks out rolling across the floor scared out of his mind. As the culprit moves closer Subaru in lying in his pool of blood, still alive as his body suddenly explodes. He’s dead and that’s how the episode ends. 

I wasn’t expecting to see such a scene at the end, it was kind of disturbing. I’ll have to find out who did it next episode. What a scene. Hopefully I’ll sleep ok tonight. XD If not, I’ll be up on twitter. XD