Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World Episode 4

Is this the first time the opening has played in this show? It’s amazing, the visuals the characters we’ll get to see. All of it is well done. Especially that ending with Subaru ended back where he started. (Spoilers)

The first time Subaru wakes up in the mansion, wanders around until he comes across a girl in a library, she easily gets annoyed by Subaru’s constant babbling and electrifies him so much he passes out. It wasn’t very smart of him to insult the girl. The second time he wakes up he sees two maids in his room. One girl is called Rem and we don’t know the other girl’s name.

When I first saw the girl’s I rolled my eyes because the first shot of them you see through Subaru’s eyes so of course there are bubbles and sparkles floating about them as he examines them.


The two girls have an interesting way of referring to each to other, Rem refers to as her sister as sister and her sister refers to her as Rem. I have to say I smiled when they mentioned to each other how creepy Subaru is.

Roswaal. L Mathers, the lord of the mansion makes his entrance in this episode. He reveals that Emilia is a candidate to become the next ruler of Lugunica. She has Roswaal as her support.


This explains why the insignia that Felt stole was so important, it’s the object that qualifies a candidate to be king. In this scene Rem and her sister sound like robots which was strange, I didn’t hear that on my first viewing. It makes me think that all they will be doing is cooking and cleaning in this show.


Since Subaru saved Emilia, he gets to choose his reward and his one request is that he be allowed to work in the mansion, he spends most of this episode learning how to do the housework, this episode tries to add some humor in it but it just felt flat to me. I guess because I’ve seen it all before with other MC in this genre. They try to fit in but end up messing which is supposed to make you laugh but it doesn’t , I was just waiting for something interesting to happen but nothing happens until the next scene.


It’s a strange scene between Roswaal and Rem’s sister, he strokes her head while she tells him about Subaru. Roswaal believes that Subaru might be a spy and asks Rem’s sister to watch him for now. The scene made me a bit uncomfortable as Rem sits on Roswaal’s lap and blushes while she talks to him.


I also didn’t like how she refers to Subaru and Emilia as children. Isn’t she the same age as them or near the same age? The scene was weird but it tells us that Roswaal and even Rem’s sister are suspicious of Subaru. The episode ends with Subaru going to sleep, excited for his date with Emilia.


I have to say, this episode wasn’t anything special it was just Subaru meeting some new characters and getting use to his life in the mansion. There is the moment at the end where it’s revealed that Subaru somehow died! What’s up with that? Who did it? Now he doesn’t have his date with Emilia. XD