Yuki Yuna is a Hero Episode 5

Nice teamwork from all the girls in this episode. The moment when Toga and Yuna are floating in space was touching. They’re such great friends. (Spoilers)

The girls have to face of against four vertexes, it looks like their now ready for such a huge amount but quickly shrug of their fears and get to defeating the vertexes. The teamwork in this episode was awesome to see, the girls end up getting wiped out at first but thanks to Fu’s burst of rage, the girls are able to take out one of the vertexes.


It was great small victory that didn’t last for long as it’s revealed that the remaining vertexes have merged together. Fu uses her hero trump card which transforms her outfit into one that will be able to withstand the vertexes blast. I have to say Fu and Toga’s trump cards are the best looking.

Itsuki uses hers as well but it isn’t enough as the vertexes increase their size overwhelming the girls. It was great to see Itsuki stepping up in this episode. She’s the only character that hasn’t impressed me so far but in this episode she was great. Her power is pretty cool too, the petals that fell around all the girls as they transformed was gorgeous, they looked like angels floating in the air.


Toga was brilliant as usual, she had the best lines in this episode.


She’s changed so much it’s so surprising. Toga is definetly my favourite character.  Her character design is the best out of all the girls. I like to root for  the underdog’s sometimes, I love it when the underdog’s become better characters. She doesn’t let her disability stop her from fighting which is nice to see.

Thanks to Toga, Yuna is able to destroy the vertexes. It was great to see how much Karin cares about the girl’s now compared to a few episodes before. They’re apart of her life, hopefully she’ll stop with attitude from now on.


The visuals were beautiful in this episode and the characters fought well. The voice acting was on point for all the girls, you could really how scared they were given the situation. Those violins that played as soon as Fu transformed were amazing to listen to. I especially love the moment when Toga’s has transformed, the choir that have been singing picked up there.

For some reason, I can’t seem to shake off the feeling that one of the girl’s will die. If one of them dies then I hope they die fighting in a great way. I won’t accept any useless deaths.