Attack on Titan Episode 10

Eren really doesn’t care about his body at all. XD

So Eren has a plan and that is so have Armin convince the Military Police that he is on their side and not an enemy of mankind. I have to say from the beginning of the episode to the end, it was an amazing ride. I felt like I was going up and down a rollercoaster full of my emotions. Armin gets to shine once again in this episode as Eren puts his trust in him to save them and he does.

Attack 73.PNG

He is able to convince the Military Police that Eren could become a friend to humanity. His speech was amazing, you could hear the fear and desperation in his face, it was beautiful. Props to his voice actor for making that scene amazing.

Armin believes that Eren can carry a huge rock to block the hole in the wall. Eren agrees to do it after Commander Pixis asks him whether he will do it or not. I like that the Commander gave him a choice, it made the scene realistic.

Attack 74.PNG

That huge rock in the trost district carries all of Eren’s and co’s hope that humanity has a fighting chance against the titans. At least it looked and felt that way to me. God, the music was on point in this episode. Brilliant choice of music for each scene, it explained the mood clearly. 

Attack 75.PNG

If you haven’t listened to this soundtrack yet, I highly recommend you do.