Attack on Titan Episode 11

What a powerful speech from Commander Pixis. (Spoilers)

Commander Pixis decides to introduce Eren to all the soldiers standing in the square. Once they find out that Eren is going to close the hole in wall, most of them decide to desert. They want to spends their final moments with their family, not dieing for some kid. The dialogue in this scene was amazing, I was hanging on to every word that Pixis spouted out. It was so powerful that the deserters decided to stay and fight, they don’t want their families to be eaten by the titans.

Attack 77.PNG

The best moment from Pixis was when he said that any deserters will go unpunished, what was stopping these deserters from really leaving was the threat that they will be killed doing so. That moment allowed the deserters the moment to reflect on what they were about to do, what deserting really means for them. Commander Pixis took the time to really hammer in the fact that if you fear titans, you can no longer fight, once you let that fear in you, you can’t fight the titans.

Attack 78.PNG

This show continues to hammer in the fact that all these soldiers are human, they have flesh and blood and they have emotions. Rico, one of the elites of the Garrison Corps takes the time to talk to Eren. She tells him that everyone’s fates are in his hands. He can’t mess this up. I loved the scene as we are constantly reminded these guys are human, they don’t want to die in vain.

Attack 79.PNG

The only problem I had in this episode was Mikasa. Now I know I said a few episodes when we found out Mikasa’s back story that I felt sorry for her, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t find her irritating. I understand that she wants to protect and that’s ok but she needs to learn to let him breathe. Eren doesn’t like to looked after, he’s made that clear with his actions. He doesn’t want to be caged up like animals it’s the reason why he wants to kill all the titans.

Attack 80.PNG

Ian, the leader of this mission allows Mikasa to join the Elite Team of soldiers, they will be directly protecting Eren. She was on the decoy team before, this bothered me. I know that Ian said that they need Mikasa skill’s but I feel he just allowed to join because she making a fuss over Eren. Eren should not always be Mikasa’s focus, she needs to put her duty as a soldier first. She might have to learn that one day.

Attack 81.PNG

So this episode ends with Eren turning into a titan and punching Mikasa who’s standing on a roof near him. It looks like he hit his head as he transformed, he was up in the air when he transformed so that might be a problem next episode.

Attack 82.PNG

Can I just say how amazing the camera work was in this episode? The best moment for me was when Eren was using his 3DMG in the air just before he’s transformed. Both Eren and Mikasa looked amazing as they ran on the rooftops and glided in the air. Fantastic Scene! It was amazing as we follow Eren gliding through the air as Commander Pixis mentions that this moment could be a victory for the soldiers against the titans.

Attack 83.PNG

My favourite track in this episode was EMA. It gets you pumped up as we watch Eren and Co get ready to move out. Loved the part of the track before Eren transformed, it hammers in the great choice of music that perfectly fits the scenes.

Attack 84.PNG

Another brilliant episode, my friends! 🙂