My Hero Academia Episode 8

I can see why Yaoyorozu got into the school through recommendation. Jeez!, she didn’t need to say that much! Poor Uraraka. XD (Spoilers as usual)

I loved this episode. It was to great the other characters in the class get to shine a bit. A lot of them have very cool quirks. I have to say, Todoroki is going to be my favourite character. He didn’t even need to try to capture the weapon. He froze the whole building which enabled the two kids on the villain side immobile. It was beautiful to see, he’s quite the cool character. Hope to see more of him.


Yaoyorozu seems like a know it all, when she started talking about why Uraraka, Bakugo and Deku weren’t the MVP’s of the battle, I thought she going to give a short answer and stop there. I didn’t she would go on for as long as she did, even All Might didn’t expect it at all. I don’t think Yaoyorozu needed to explain what Iida and Uraraka did wrong in the way she did. 


Iida was happy about which actually made the scene funny. She kind off came of as a know it all, in the way she spoke while closing her eyes. Her voice sounds like someone who’s stuck up but that’s just mean basing this off the way she acts and looks so think nothing of it. XD Who knows she might become an interesting character.


So Bakugo decides to go home later in the episode. You can clearly see how much an effect his battle with Deku had on him. Bakugo is very prideful but because it’s broken now he can’t seem to function, he isn’t his usual self. Deku sees this and decides to tell his him his secret. That he received his quirk from someone else. Now this is very risky, All Might clearly said to him that he should tell no one and here he is telling Bakugo!


This was an amazing scene as we clearly see Bakugo snap. We see him cry that’s how much Deku has effected. Bakugo mentions that he found himself agreeing with his classmates. Yaoyorozu’s comment about his recklessness got to him to the point where he found himself agreeing with her.

When he watching  Todoroki fight,  he said to himself he couldn’t beat him. It was shocking to see Bakugo break down and confess this all to Deku with tears in his eyes. Bakugo expressed his feeling for the first time. I felt like he developed a little bit as a character in this episode. He lost and he acknowledges it but he won’t be beaten again.


Brilliant episode, we get introduced to a ton of characters with cool quirks. Can’t wait to see wat’s next. 😀