My Hero Academia Episode 9

This was a nice breather episode. Until the end that is. (Spoilers as usual)

Somehow someone ends up getting into the school grounds which causes the students.I liked this little scene. This was a great scene for Iida, the students need to calm down as they are continuously pushing other students. Iida realises that he need Uraraka to make him float, it wasn’t meant to be a funny scene but it was as Iida land on the edge of the door in a weird way. It was like he was doing the egyptian dance, it was pretty funny.


So it turns out it’s just the media but Iida showed how great it is at keeping people in line. What a great scene for Iida. Iida was such a help to the students that Deku tells the class that Iida should be class rep. It was a sweet moment that highlighted how sweet Deku is, it also showed that the other students took notice of Iida’s actions.


So the students are going to be doing some rescue training off campus which sounds cool but some problems might arise from them. Bakugo getting teased on the bus was hilarious it was a nice change which surprised Deku as usually he’s the one getting teased. I really enjoy the dialogue between Deku and his classmates. It’s fun to listen to.


The dome the kids are in looks amazing, it has every disaster you can think of. It’s great training for the students. The pro hero, Thirteen looks cool with his space suit – like costume. He also have amazing sounding quirk, Black Hole.


You know, I think I prefer Deku in his P.E outfit rather than his actual costume, it just looks better. I was never a fan of the rabbit like ears, I know he’s copYing All Might but it just looks ridiculous.

At the end of this episode, the villains to cause some chaos, it’s pretty clear they’re after All Might as it was revealed at the beginning of the episode that he was a teacher at U.A. That’s why the media were hounding the students. Looks like thing will get intense next episode.


Can’t Wait. 🙂