91 Days Episode 6

Another great episode. (Spoilers as usual)Avilio’s plan ends up being a success. At first when Avilio told Orco his real name and back story, I was confused as to why he did that. I was worried that Orco would turn on Avilio then and there but that wasn’t the case. I was surprised at how simple the plan was, the fact that Orco and his men didn’t see it coming was a bit silly to me. I would have liked to see Orco fight it out or try to anyway. He get’s captured so easily and sent to Fango.

91 Days 28.PNG

Near the end of the episode, Avilio and Corteo have a conversation about Orco. There were four men that came in to the house that day and Orco isn’t one of them like Avilio thought. The mystery of who the fourth man is continues. I have to say the moment where Avilio “killed” Nero, it got me good. I really believed it, I thought the plan ended when Avilio and Co lead Orco to that cave.

91 Days 29.PNG

Fango taking over Don Orco’s restaurant was pretty surprising. I kind of felt sorry for Don Orco’s former family members. Fango mentions how Orco was so obsessed with perfecting the lasagna. At first I thought that comment wasn’t worth thinking about but as soon as the waiter brings out the lasagna, his face says it all really. The guy has that anime sick look on his face which gave it away.

91 Days 30.PNG

When one the guys at the table tries the lasagna and mentions how delicious, the other guys start to devour the food. At this point in time I watching them eat the food in disgust, knowing what’s in that lasagna. As soon as the first guy who tried the lasagna says that he wishes Don Orco could eat it, I knew that Fango was going to say it. I wasn’t expecting him to not actually says the words but hint at it. It was great to see the guys start to sweat as they realise what Fango really meant by there’s plenty to go around. Fango is absolutely insane but I love him XD He’s a brilliant character who I hope doesn’t die.

91 Days 31.PNG

It turns out Avilio and the other are eating the lasagna as well. Even though they don’t know it’s still gross to think about. Avilio talks to Nero and mentions that Fango’s enemies are still out there and now they have more enemies on their hands.

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What an episode, I don’t think my face has twisted so much! XD That’s day 6 done, I wonder what next episode will be about? Hopefully we find out who the fourth man is. I think Avilio needs to be careful, he’s hanging around Nero too much, he might lose his reason to kill Nero if the two become friends. He needs to keep his barrier in tact.