Snow White with the Red Hair Episode 6

Raj was hilarious in this episode. His facial expressions! XD (Spoilers as usual)

The first Prince of Clarines makes his first appearance in this episode and my god is he handsome! But Zen’s better by miles! XD Shirayuki is summoned by the First Prince and he asks her about her relationship with Zen. He acts nice to Shirayuki but it’s clear from his conversation with her that he has alternative motives.


When Prince Izana talks to Zen Shirayuki is in the room listening because the Prince has summoned her earlier. Prince Izana questions why Zen didn’t punish the soldiers at the fort last episode. Zen tells him they didn’t need to be punished as it wasn’t their fault. Izana is clearly not happy with the answer and punished Zen instead as he knows that the soldiers will blame themselves and try to do better.


Throughout this episode I wonder what the prince had planned. I didn’t expect to see Prince Raj again. He was actually pretty funny in this episode. The conversation in the garden was incredibly tense as Zen questions what Izana is really up to, once Shirayuki comes up, who by the way is listening behind a hedge with Obi, the conversation gets even more tense. I was clenching my fists while watching I was so annoyed, here’s Prince Izan spoiling the good vibes this show had before his appearance.


I have to say, I loved the moment where Raj, who is very uncomfortable with the conversation blurts out that he heard that Zen thinks of Shirayuki as his fiancée which shocks everyone including me. Zen told him that he should never talk to Shirayuki or mention her by name, Raj is just obeying that because he doesn’t want his actions to become public. I understood that very well, but did he have to say that about Shirayuki and Zen? XD The silence is just glorious in that scene.

The scene where Shirayuki thinks about the reason she’s in the Clarines was nice. She still doesn’t know her reason for staying by his side. It looks like she realises it at the end of this episode, I’m too sure. Maybe we’ll see her talk to Zen about it in the next episode. Great episode we didn’t see much of Shirayuki but she sure was mentioned a lot. She’s quite the popular Redhead XD


The music is this episode was once again lovely to listen to. I’m loving the flute it’s such a beautiful instrument. I loved it when it played when Shirayuki was peeking over the wall at the guards. The track that played then sounded so mischievous. It made me think she was up to no good. XD




  1. Given how much i didn’t want to see Raj again, they managed to make him kind of entertaining in this episode, even if he is causing more problems albeit unintentionally this time.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. I really liked him in this episode.I thought he was going to be a huge problem but he was entertaining in the end.

    I wanted to see Shirayuki again and apologise to her. That would have been nice to see. I hope this isn’t the last we see of him.

    Thanks for commenting 🙂

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  3. the big brother is hot tho, right? XD
    also, i shipped the ninja and shirayuki hard. shame my imagination wasn’t indulged by the show. i’m avoiding spoilers, so forgive if i ruined something


  4. I don’t mind spoilers if they’re small so it’s fine. XD Big Bro is incredibly hot but his attitude is meh. I understand his thoughts on Zen and Shirayuki but there’s nothing to be concerned about there. For now they’re just friends. For now. XD

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