A Lull in the Sea Episode 7

This was a very nice episode. (Spoilers)

So Hikari and friends spend some of this episode getting people to sign a sheet about the Ofunehiki. Hikari is obviously doing this for Manaka and Tsumugu but he’s also doing this because he wants the surface and sea to work together. I liked this episode, it was great to different characters working together instead of complaining about something.


Hikari is trying to change which to Manaka isn’t a good thing as she remembers what Chisaki said about not changing last episode. It seems to me that Chisaki is fine with Hikari changing which is pretty surprising as Chisaki was so worried about her friends changing.

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Hikari’s efforts are pointless in the ends as the Adults refuse to have the Ofunehiki. It’s a shame that Hikari worked hard for nothing. It was great to see him make the effort to bring the surface and seas together but it’s clear that there are some differences that both the sea and surface can never get over. This is actually what Hikari’s father says to Akari in cafe in the next scene.


I loved Akari in this scene, she still decided to be with Miuna and her father even though her father clearly disapproves. Hikari decides to go with Akari as she leaves the sea but the two are stopped by Uroko sama who traps them in a giant water bubble. I loved this moment as Hikari continues to push through the water bubble.


Akari seeing Miuna and her father walking away from her was beautiful, it’s the reason she pushed forward with Hikari. In the end Hikari’s father begs Uroko sama to let them go and he does which is weird. As he clearly follows orders from that giant flame by his side. Anyway that’s how the episode ends .

What a lovely episode like I said before, I like that the kids worked together. It showed that the sea and surface can get along now if only the adults could see that instead of acting immature. Seriously talking about how the women of the sea leave because the men are so unreliable? What a silly thing to say to the sea people.


I understand that the women leaving is a problem but why not handle all this in a better way? Act like the Adults you are. I’m still hoping that Hikari and his friends manage to get the adults to agree to going through with the Ofunehiki.