Magical Raising Project Episode 6

The fight in this episode was disappointing. It kind of came of as pointless in the end. (Spoilers)

The fight between La Pucelle and Cranberry wasn’t really much of a fight. It looks like La Pucelle was beaten by Cranberry. It was scary seeing all that blood on La Pucelle, Cranberry did not hold back. The violin that played when La Pucelle got up and started to fight CraNberry again was beautiful. We get a couple of flashbacks at that moment and we’re constantly reminded on La Pucelle’s reason to fight as a magical girl. La Pucelle tried to fight Cranberry and even manages to damage her but Cranberry ends up strangling La Pucelle. The only thing I liked about this fight was the character’s dialogue.


These two characters have different reasons to fight and we are reminded of that when the characters talk to each other. Through their actions and words, these two characters are able to clearly show how they feel in that moment. The fight was disappointing, it was clear that Cranberry would beat La Pucelle but I was expecting one of our main girl’s to put up a decent fight at least.

I thought Cranberry would be an interesting character but all she goes on about is how she wants to fight strong people that’s all she wants to do. I was hoping there would be more to her than that. The last thing that La Pucelle says while both her and Cranberry are on-screen is that she can’t let Craberry run wild or Snow White will be in danger.

The screen fades to black and we see La Pucelle in his human form coming out of a forest, a truck hit him and he dies with his last image being Koyuki smiling.


No I’m not kidding, La Pucelle dies by a GODDAMN TRUCK! Are you kidding me! I was expecting him to go out fighting, not hit by a truck. Of all the people to die like that, it had to be him. It doesn’t make any sense, why was he in the forest anyway, there’s a gap between his fight with Cranberry and him ending up in the forest. What happened?

We don’t get any answers as Flav mentions that there are new items available to the girl’s but who care about that? Seriously! Flav also mentions that La Pucelle has died in an accident. You know, I feel for Snow White I really do, her best friend is gone and now she’s all alone.


So Magicaloid kills the creepy girl who has been looking for Snow White right in front of Snow White which was surprising. The creepy girl’s head comes off and her blood spatters on Snow White’s face.  There was so much blood in this episode. Magicaloid doesn’t care about anyone and is clearly in it for herself. Not really shocking at all, considering most of these magical girl’s are crazy as hell. Then Magicaloid is killed by the creepy girl with no head on and that’s how the episode ends.


It’s a shame La Pucelle died so early, I liked her character despite my complaints about her chivalrous attitude. Snow White’s by herself now with no items at all so I wonder how she’ll survive. I’m hoping for some better action next episode as this episode was disappointing in terms of fights.