My Hero Academia Episode 10

Great teamwork in this episode.

The villains were expecting All Might in this episode but had to fight kids instead. The class are split into teams and scattered across the training zone , this will be very interesting as these kids have never fought villains before so it will be cool to see how much damage they can do to them before All Might arrives. The class relies on Iida to get to the school in time to warn the people about what going on at the training zone. This is a great moment as it’s time for Iida to shine once again.


Deku is with Tsuyu and Mineta who is no help and gives up easily. It’s to be expected, I mean not everyone in the class is going to fight right away. Deku explains how the three of them have an advantage over the villains, they don’t know their quirks. I’m happy to see that Deku doesn’t just rely on the power All Might gave him, he uses his brain which is something that helps him out a lot. 


Deku’s plan was great, just using a small amount of his power to create a huge wave wa brilliant. Even Mineta was useful, throwing his grapes to stick onto the villains. And Tsuyu of course was great, her frog abilities were incredibly helpful in this battle.


Great Episode.