My Hero Academia Episode 11

Kaminari’s quirk is cool. XD

I loved the team that has Kaminari, Jiro and Yaoyorozu. It’s good thing that Yaoyorozu is a know it all, it’s important for her to know how the materials she creates are made. She can create anything non-living. That’s a quirk that will be absolutely handy on the battlefield. I’m happy to see more of Yaoyorozu, she’s a great character. Super Sweet.


Jiro and Kaminari are a cool team. Jiro reminds me of Musa from Winx Club. I know what you thinking, you watch Winx Club? Not now I did when I was a kid though. Musa was my favourite, she would tell things like it is. Anyway Jiro and Kaminari manage to take out most of the villains together. It’s a shame that Kaminari short-circuited but it was hilarious.

Yaoyorozu creating an insulation sheet was awesome, a great way for Kaminari to take out the bad guys. Jiro’s face though XD.


I love how Iida’s team helps him escape the training zone. It was great to see all the kids work together. They realise how scary the villains but right now they should all focus on protecting each other and working together to defeat the villains.


Watching Eraserhead arm get crushed by the Nomu was hard to watch. The fact that he manages to save Tsuyu at the last moment even though he’s so injured was amazing.


Deku going in to fight the creepy guy was reckless as he’s now given away his power, it didn’t work on the Nomu as it’s clearly the way All Might will be defeated. It’s the villains trump card. I do admire Deku’s determination to save Tsuyu at that moment.


All Might smashes in and everyone stops in their trackS as he has arrived. The episode ends there. There was so much tension in this episode but I loved it. I was worried this show would continue with its light-hearted moments. It’s great to see different characters quirks, Todoroki is powerful. He seems unstoppable but that’s a good thing right now. I loved all the music in this episode except when All Might arrived.


I didn’t think his theme was needed here at all, it’s a great them but it ruined his arrival for me. We should have seen him annoyed and disgusted at what’s going on right now. That would have been perfect with some battle music or something. I understand what they were going for, everyone see All Might as a beacon of hope. The students are scared but keep fighting. All Might’s arrival means they can stop now because everything is ok now because he’s here.

Next episode will be a cool battle between All Might and Nomu. Can’t wait.


  1. Eraserhead getting crushed was pretty hard to watch. I loved this episode when I watched it and I just remember thinking how great it was that the students were actually getting a challenge to face that wasn’t planned or contrived. Really great way to end a season. Hope you enjoy the next episode.

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